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A solid step in the long, bumpy road to fully energy-neutral and self-sufficient construction.
emove dwarsdoorsnede

The Emove provides solar power in "impossible places

The Emove is a portable solar field, uniquely developed for the incorporation of solar energy on (temporarily) unused and unsuitable sites. In other words, where permanent solar fields do not offer a solution, the Emove can. The installation is similar to a solar field on a flat roof. Its construction resembles that of a mobile home: mobile if necessary, standing on blocks with "floating wheels. but non-grounded, so free of foundations. A bigger advantage than you might think, because by not using unsuitable land, you are also unknowingly missing out on green energy and greater returns.

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  • Easily movable

  • With east-west arrangement no ground loss

  • Very quick to set up in a central location and then drive to the desired location

  • Scalable to large field setups, 64 emove 1 models = 1 mega watt

  • All brands and types of panels can be installed on this system

  • No foundation required

  • These structures can be placed with a temporary permit because the whole thing is moveable

  • Cost per WP cheaper than existing field setup

  • The construction guaranteed for 25 years (Voestalpine Sadef)

  • Very good construction drawings

  • Delivery also possible as a complete kit

Frame mobiele zonnepanelen
The emove 1 east west variant
Technische tekening mobiele zonnepanelen


  • South setup:
    40 solar panels à 385 WP Total 15,400 watts peak
    East-West setup:
    48 solar panels à 385 WP Total 18,480 watts peak
mobiele zonnepanelen
Our projects
  • De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

  • De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

  • De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

  • De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

  • De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

  • De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

  • Zonnewagen in actie

  • Het resultaat van een zonnewagen

  • Emove Frame 01

  • Emove Frame 02

  • Emove Installatie 01

  • Emove Installatie 02

  • Emove Weiland 02

  • Emove Weiland

  • Emove Weiland

  • Emove Weiland

  • Emove onderstel

    Emove 8033

  • Emove onderstel

    Emove Januari

  • E-move voor een windmolen

    Emove Windmolen

  • E-move installatie

    Emove Windmolenpark

  • E-move frame

    Frame windmolenpark

  • E-move op vrachtwagen

    Installatie op vrachtwagen

  • E-move zonnewagen

    E Move 1

  • E-move zonnewagen

    E Move 2

  • E-move zonnewagen

    E Move 3

  • E-move zonnewagen

    E Move 4

  • E-move zonnewagen

    E Move 5

  • E Move 6

  • E-move zonnewagen

    E Move 7

  • E-move zonnewagen

    E Move 8

  • E-move zonnewagen frame

    E Move 9

  • E-move zonnewagen weiland

    E Move 11

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