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A solid step in the long, bumpy road to fully energy-neutral and self-sufficient construction.
emove dwarsdoorsnede

The Emove provides solar power in "impossible places

The Emove is a portable solar field, uniquely developed for the incorporation of solar energy on (temporarily) unused and unsuitable sites. In other words, where permanent solar fields do not offer a solution, the Emove can. The installation is similar to a solar field on a flat roof. Its construction resembles that of a mobile home: mobile if necessary, standing on blocks with "floating wheels. but non-grounded, so free of foundations. A bigger advantage than you might think, because by not using unsuitable land, you are also unknowingly missing out on green energy and greater returns.


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  • Easily movable

  • With east-west arrangement no ground loss

  • Very quick to set up in a central location and then drive to the desired location

  • Scalable to large field setups, 64 emove 1 models = 1 mega watt

  • All brands and types of panels can be installed on this system

  • No foundation required

  • These structures can be placed with a temporary permit because the whole thing is moveable

  • Cost per WP cheaper than existing field setup

  • The construction guaranteed for 25 years (Voestalpine Sadef)

  • Very good construction drawings

  • Delivery also possible as a complete kit

Frame mobiele zonnepanelen
The emove 1 east west variant
Technische tekening mobiele zonnepanelen


  • South setup:
    40 solar panels à 385 WP Total 15,400 watts peak
    East-West setup:
    48 solar panels à 385 WP Total 18,480 watts peak
mobiele zonnepanelen
Our projects

De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

De Opbouw van een zonnewagen

Zonnewagen in actie

Het resultaat van een zonnewagen

Emove Frame 01

Emove Frame 02

Emove Installatie 01

Emove Installatie 02

Emove Weiland 02

Emove Weiland

Emove Weiland

Emove Weiland

Emove onderstel

Emove 8033

Emove onderstel

Emove Januari

E-move voor een windmolen

Emove Windmolen

E-move installatie

Emove Windmolenpark

E-move frame

Frame windmolenpark

E-move op vrachtwagen

Installatie op vrachtwagen

E-move zonnewagen

E Move 1

E-move zonnewagen

E Move 2

E-move zonnewagen

E Move 3

E-move zonnewagen

E Move 4

E-move zonnewagen

E Move 5

E Move 6

E-move zonnewagen

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E Move 8

E-move zonnewagen frame

E Move 9

E-move zonnewagen weiland

E Move 11

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